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Cultural Day on July 15th Set to Offer a Full Day of Free Family Fun

The RM100 Committee is planning another fun filled day as part of our year-long celebration of the RM Centennial. Join us on July 15 at Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park. We will be celebrating the Centennial in conjunction with Canada’s Parks Day. Admission into the Park is completely free and so are all of the fun activities we have planned!

La Compagnie de Laverandrye will be there all day to illustrate the life of the soldiers who accompanied the Canadian explorer Pierre Gaultier of Varennes, Sieur de La Vérendrye, and his four sons, in his discoveries west of the Great Lakes, around 1730. As part of our closing ceremonies at 8:00, spectators will get a special treat as La Compagnie fires off some cannons.

Tipi Joe will be providing an amazing learning experience that incorporates Indigenous culture and teachings through the arts. He will have a tipi on display and speak of its importance to the Indigenous culture.

The Children’s Obstacle Course being organized by Dave Ogren is sure to keep your little ones busy for hours. Built as part of the RM100 Legacy Collection this is the first, of many, appearances of Lac du Bonnet’s new mini-attraction.

A Vendor Market will be open from 11:00 to 8:00 featuring Pampered Chef, Forever Living, Sweet Legs, Epicure, Scentsy, Tupperware, Sunset Gourmet, Norwex, I Cando Soaps and More, & more.

Historical Artifact Demonstration is a social science program for large or small groups in French or English, following the history of European settler’s clothing and lifestyle in Canada around the turn of the 20th Century. The hands on experience of handling artifacts wearing white gloves encourage participants to learn about work done in museums and the historical value of objects.

Wildlife Haven each non-releasable Wildlife Ambassador has a story to tell about why they are not able to return to the wild and a lesson to teach about how we peacefully coexist with wildlife. From owls, hawks, and falcons, to reptiles and amphibians – the presentations give you a chance to meet them up close!

Metis Prarie Steppers are a very high energy dance group that performs traditional Metis jigging and square dancing that has been passed down over the years as well as their own choreographed dances.

Myrelene Ranville is an Anishnabay leader, educator, and author. Her roots are in Sagkeeng, but her influence is felt across the country.

Andrew Scott is a singer/songwriter from Alberta who has strong ties to the Lac du Bonnet community and is delighted to help us celebrate our Centennial Celebration. Andrew’s music is best described as a little bit of folk, mixed with a little bit of country, tied in with a bit of blues and some rock, and then topped off with some classic Yips and Yodels. Andrew will have one solo performance at 1:00 and then a duo performance with Caleigh Cardinal at 7:00.

JD Players will be performing the first glimpse into The Eureka Group’s: The Saga of J.D. McArthur and the Winnipeg River Princess. We know that there has been a lot of speculation and intrigue surrounding the Eureka Group’s first production so if you’re looking for a taste of what is to come, stop by and see the JD Players as they perform the music from the upcoming play.

Celeigh Cardinal is a prairie girl through and through. Her heartfelt, biographical songs are carried by a voice that harkens to the golden era of jazz and blues. This Métis singer/songwriter is easily one of the finest vocalists to hail from the Peace Country. Celeigh will have one solo performance at 5:00 and then a duo performance with Andrew Scott at 7:00.

Cohen Sieg has got to be one of Lac du Bonnet’s most talented youth. At the age of 16, he is a singer/songwriter and plays numerous instruments. A true inspiration for young musicians everywhere. Cohen will be joining us on stage at 6:00.

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