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Discover Lac du Bonnet is Your Official Guide to the RM Centennial

The RM100 Committee is excited to announce our partnership with Discover Lac du Bonnet Magazine: Your Official Guide to the RM Centennial Celebrations.

Summing it up perfectly in the 2016 Editor’s Notes, Marc¬†Zienkiewicz says,”Past and present. It’s an important concept for all of us. Our histories define us and shape us into who we are. As we put together [the 2016] edition, we realized that one thing most of of the stories had in common was their connection to past. Not some forgotten past that no one remembers, but a vivid history that is still very much alive and influencing the people who live in and enjoy visiting the Lac du Bonnet Region.”

As we head into 2017, the 100th year of Lac du Bonnet, these words couldn’t be truer.

The 2017 edition of Discover Lac du Bonnet is going to be a great guide for local residents and tourists; a keep sake of a year of celebrations! Watch for copies hitting the stands in May 2017!