//Welcome to MyLdB!

Welcome to MyLdB!

In 2016 an RM100 Committee was formed to host a series of events for the RM Centennial. This group is working together to increase awareness about our local history, attractions and events. As such, we are working on a number of projects for the area.

One of our primary projects is the development of a marketing campaign that showcases the local events hosted in Lac du Bonnet. These events add to our community profile, bring people together and attract visitors to our region. Often this is done with limited resources and the big hearts of our community volunteers.

The RM100 Committee is forming partnerships with other local community groups and businesses who currently host, or would like to host an event in 2017.

The primary goals of our partnerships with local community groups and businesses are:

Develop a year long celebration of the RM Centennial.
Expand marketing and advertising campaigns that focus on our local events.
Attract visitors to Lac du Bonnet by showcasing our area.
Enhance the visitor experience.
Improve community relations and communication of local events.

By partnering with local community groups we know that we can host the biggest and best Centennial Celebration ever hosted. Working with the RM100 Committee will give you access to additional resources for your group and access to free marketing and promotional tools for your events.

Join Us in Celebrating 100 Years in 2017

Lac du Bonnet has always been a very busy community with over 100 events happening every year! It’s time we showcase ourselves as the beautiful, diverse, loving and generous community that we are. That is one of the goals of this website – to help spread the word and showcase everything we have to offer. So, join us in celebrating 100 in 2017!

If you have any questions, or would like to get involved with the RM Centennial Celebrations, please contact:

Cyndie Mitchell, Marketing and Promotions Director by phone: 204-345-6034

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    Lac Du Bonnet – A very impressive community celebration plan – Good communication involving your area –

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