Welcome to the Lac du Bonnet Community Event Calendar!

Our community, and our event organizers, are very conscious of preventing the spread of COVID-19. We do have some upcoming community events planned and invite you to come to check them out. Please remember to follow social distancing when attending our community events and to follow any additional guidelines put in place by our organizers.

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Lac du Bonnet is a community known for its many yearly events – over one hundred to be precise. While we may not be able to enjoy and celebrate like we usually would, we can at least have a small piece of the events that bring our beautiful community together.

On September 5, you can experience some of Lac du Bonnet’s organizations, and businesses come together to give you a piece of the festivals, events, and activities that normally take place over the summer months all in one day.

Our list and full description of organizations and activities taking place for Mini-Fest is quite large, so please visit our website for more information.

A short summary of activities are:

  • Lac du Bonnet Farmers’ Market’s last official market day.
  • Lac du Bonnet Regional Library book sale.
  • Last day of the Winnipeg River Burger Trail.
  • Fire and Water Music Festival presents The Teakle Family Circus and Cohen Sieg.
  • LdB Home and Cottage Expo.
  • Arena BBQ Fundraiser.
  • Last day for tours of the Lac du Bonnet District Museum and St. John’s Heritage Church & Arts Centre
  • Our lists of activities and groups participating in Mini-Fest is growing. As new information comes along, we will keep you updated on our website.


  • Stay home if you have been travelling, recently entered the Province, or do not feel well.
  • Practice social distancing (6 feet apart).
  • Use designated entrances.
  • Use cashless payments when possible.
  • Do not touch unless necessary.
  • Avoid greetings that involve touching.
  • Please practice Leave No Trace. Pick up after yourself and dispose of your garbage appropriately.