Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt. We hope that you will enjoy the story, and have a wonderful adventure helping locate all of Jack’s missing items.

To participate, read the story a clue at a time and then head out to the locations to find Jack’s missing items. If you’d like a chance to win a $75 Gift Certificate to Drifter’s Restaurant, submit photos of the items you have found to [email protected]. Your name will be entered for each item you find!

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And with that, our story begins . . . 

Clue 1 of the Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt 2021

If you were to meet a small elf-like young man wearing a cap, and gloves and a jacket and scarf, all in shades of blues, with pointed boots, it’s probably Jack Frost.

He usually carries a paintbrush and pail; he uses this to paint the leaves with autumn colours and paint frost patterns on windows in wintertime. Jack Frost’s mother is frost, and his father is snow, but no one knows where he lives. He is always wandering.

One day, in late fall, Jack Frost was busy with his paintbrush and pail, painting all the green leaves yellow and orange. He walked for miles and for so long that the weather changed, and old man winter came. Before he knew it, he was deep in snowy woods and hopelessly lost. The paint in his pail turned to ice water, and he knew that now his job was to paint frost on the windows. But where was he? Not only that, but he had taken off his jacket and gloves when he was painting the leaves, and now he had no idea where they were.

As he wandered, a snowstorm blew in, and he could not see more than a few feet in front of him. He tripped over some dead wood that was covered in snow, and his paintbrush went flying. It was lost to sight. As he trudged along through unfamiliar woods, his pail began to fill with snow, and his bare hands became so cold that he couldn’t hang on to it anymore. It was soon covered with snow. The wind came up and began to blow poor Jack Frost this way and that, because after all, he was only a small elf-like creature with hardly any weight to him. He was blown up high into the winter sky, and when the wind set him down again, he realized that his boots had fallen off, his cap was gone, and his warm scarf had also blown away. Now he had no pail or paintbrush, no boots, cap or scarf, no blue jacket or gloves.

“Help,” he called out. Surely there must be someone or some animal living nearby who could help him.

Through the swirling snow, he saw a pair of golden coloured eyes looking at him. The eyes circled around him, and he saw that it was a large grey wolf. “Who are you,” asked the wolf.

“I’m Jack Frost.”

“What are you doing here in the middle of the woods?”

“Well, I am lost. Where am I?”

“You are near the town of Lac Du Bonnet.”

As they talked, the storm suddenly died, the wind dropped, and the sun shone, making the snow glisten.

“You’re not dressed very warmly for winter,” observed the wolf.

“Well, last time I looked, it was autumn! How was I to know that the weather would change so quickly,” he replied.

“Everyone in Lac Du Bonnet is out looking for you,” said Wolf.

“I can’t go to town looking like this. I need all my clothes and my brush and pail, or no one will recognize me.”

“Do not fret about it,” began Wolf. “We will help you, and so will the people of Lac du Bonnet. In fact, my friend Fox said she found a blue jacket with sparkling snowflakes.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Jack in excitement. He was trying his best to stay warm, but to no prevail. His poor stubby fingers, even though they were tucked under his armpits, were beginning to freeze. “Where did your friend find it?”

“Fox said she saw the jacket where in the winter months, the Humans go riding down the hill and glide across the river. Where in the summer days, people splash and play and jump off the wooden ground into the water,” Wolf explained.

“I know where that is,” Jack Frost said. “Thank you, Wolf, for your help.”

And with that, Jack Frost began his journey.

Jack Frost Jacket

Clue 2 of the Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt 2021

As Jack Frost trekked out from the woods and along Highway 317, he continued to try to keep warm. But as the wind blew gently across the fields, the cold began to settle into his bones. By the time the highway ended, and he arrived in the Town Lac du Bonnet, he was shivering uncontrollably.

He walked and walked and walked some more. He passed shops and offices like the Vet office, LDB Auto Supplies, and something called I Heart Coffee; he saw friendly and interesting people who waved to him – he even saw a man on a bike wearing shorts! He took in the community until he arrived at his destination.

The beach was covered in snow and ice, but the view from the top of the hill was still gorgeous. There were families gleefully laughing and shouting as they slid down the hill on sleds; below were two siblings skating on the ice, arguing who was the fastest and best skater. Both, of course, thought they were the best and fastest.

As Jack took in his surroundings and watched all the people having fun, a streak of red and white caught his eye. He carefully walked over to the balcony overlooking the grounds.

Sitting on the balcony was a red fox. She tapped the tip of her white tail impatiently – as if she was waiting for Jack.

“Er, hello,” Jack said uncomfortably, but with a smile. Wolf had said that it was a fox that discovered his jacket after all.

“Are you Jack Frost?” Fox asked.

“Yes. How did you know?”

“I ran into my friend Wolf. He said he met an interesting little man and that I may have found something that belongs to you,” Fox explained as she started pulling something with her fangs from between the balcony bars.

Jack gasped with excitement. The thing that Fox pulled out was Jack’s jacket! The blue material with shiny flakes glittered in the sunlight like jewels.

“It is mine! Thank you, thank you!” Jack could hardly contain his exhilaration or his gratitude. He gently grabbed the jacket from Fox’s jaws and quickly wrapped the material around him. Now somewhat protected from the cold, Jack could feel his limbs begin to warm.

“You’re very welcome. But your head must be freezing! You hardly have any fur upon it,” Fox said with some concern.

“My ears are a bit cold,” Jack admitted as he covered his pointed ears with his hands – which were carefully tucked into the sleeves of the jacket.

“You know,” Fox began. “I was talking with Deer, and he said that he saw a blue cap on the ground. Perhaps it is yours?”

“It must be mine. Where did Deer find it?”

“He said he found it when he was travelling along Highway 317, west of the ‘S’ curve in the road, near the forest where Humans go with poles in their hands and sticks tied to their feet as they swoosh through the forest. It wasn’t in the forest, just lying there were the Humans let their big, loud machines sit.”

“I think I know where I need to go. Thank you,” Jack said before taking his leave to find his cap.

Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt Hat

Clue 3 of the Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt 2021

The journey to Agassiz Forest was much more enjoyable than his travel to the beach. Mostly because he was now protected from the cold weather, he even stopped in at Gran’s Bakery for some treats to snack on while he walked.

He passed Home Hardware, the RM Office, fields, and tree-covered areas. Wanting to explore the area a little bit, Jack took a detour from his route, where he discovered a horse ranch called Ridge Creek Ranch. He played with the horses and ponies, about two dozen, he thought. They even had a donkey!

He noticed how tired he was. He had done so much walking that his feet and legs were beginning to hurt – plus, his feet were ice-cold as he hadn’t found his boots yet. He had a marvellous idea. Jack knocked on the ranch door and asked the owners if he could borrow one of the ponies. The owners were shocked at the request, but after Jack told his story (and some more persuading), he found himself and the owners saddling Diesel, the pony.

Diesel was the biggest pony on the ranch, but still much smaller than the horses. He was an Icelandic pony, you could tell by the hair on his body; it was a deep brown colour, curlier, and longer than most pony’s coats. The end of the curls stuck out every which way, giving Diesel a wild look. Jack Frost thought in his head, ‘it looks like he just got out of bed!’

Once Diesel was fully saddled, Jack hopped onto the pony and thanked the owners once again. His journey would go much faster now.

Jack whistled and hummed folk songs as Diesel trotted along. The pony seemed to like the tunes and would try to sing along with a ‘nay’ or ‘snort’ here or there. Soon they found themselves at the entrance of Agassiz Forest. Jack gently pulled on the reins, telling Diesel to stop. The two looked around, at first only seeing parked cars in the lot, but eventually, they spotted a large animal.

Deer was a massive buck; the biggest Jack Frost had ever seen. His light brown and white colouring was beautiful. His antlers rose high above his head, and Jack couldn’t help to wonder how on earth Deer’s head could support the weight.

“You must be Jack Frost,” Deer said, knowingly.

“Yes, I am. I assume Fox told you I was coming?”

“No. But you are the talk of the town. Everyone knows you are here and that you have been looking for lost items. Speaking of which,” Deer informed as he ducked his head into the tree line. When he rose back up, Jack’s cap dangled from his mouth. “I hear this is yours,” Deer muttered.

“Oh, thank you!” Jack exclaimed as he took his cap from Deer’s mouth and stuck it on his head.

“You’re welcome. And I have some more good news. I know where your boots are.”


“My good friend Bookworm sent out word that a pair of blue pointed boots were found by his home. The boots are now sitting in the window of the cage where the Humans lock up their books.”

Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt Boots

Clue 4 of the Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt 2021

Jack Frost and Diesel made their way to town once again, and Jack was glad that he had some company on his journey. Diesel wasn’t very talkative, but his presence was enjoyable still.

Once they made it back to town, Jack decided it was time for another treat, this time at the Fishin’ Kafe. They even had some carrots for Diesel. They strolled along the sidewalks until they reached the Library. Jack walked inside the building, of course, leaving Diesel outside. Jack didn’t think that people would like the pony coming indoors very much.

As he walked through the doors, the woman behind the counter greeted him with a smile. Jack browsed through the aisles of shelves – all of which were filled with books. From classic literature to young adult reads, fiction to non-fiction, romance novels to westerns, and everything in between. A booklover could spend hours exploring the treasures!

When Jack was examining a book’s cover, he heard a soft “psst” coming from nearby. Jack looked around in confusion. There was no one close to him. “psst!” the sound came again, this time a little more forced and louder. Jack did a full circle, looking every which way and still saw no one. “Down here.”

Jack looked down, and there on the shelf was a worm! The top half of Bookworm was perched up and bobbing slightly – probably trying to grab Jack’s attention. “Why, hello!” said Jack, slightly shocked.

“Hello, Jack Frost,” Bookworm said with a smile. “How are you?”

“I’m doing just fine. And you?”

“Good, good. I hear you’re missing a few of your belongings. I might be able to help.”

“Really? That would be fantastic! How can you help?”

“Early this morning, when the Human came in to open the Library, she brought in a pair of blue pointed boots with snowflakes on them. Do you think they’re yours?”

“Yes! They sound exactly like mine. Do you know where the Human put them?”

“They should be by the window. You probably walked right by them when you came in.”

Slightly embarrassed, Jack laughed. Of course, he would walk right by them. “Thank you! I would love to have my boots back. My feet are freezing!”

“Wait!” Bookworm exclaimed before Jack could leave. “I think I know where you can find your gloves too. I overheard some people that were in earlier say that they saw a pair of blue gloves hanging off an elephant, whatever that means. I thought elephants only live in Africa and Asia? Not in Lac du Bonnet,” Bookworm said with confusion.

“I know exactly where to go. Thank you, Bookworm,” Jack Frost said as he set off to find his gloves.

Jack Frost Mitten

Clue 5 of the Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt 2021

Jack Frost and Diesel made their way to Memorial Park, passing by the beach and a place call Lakeview Hotel and another shop called Hair Source. Jack Frost wondered if he needed a haircut. Eventually, they trotted through cozy neighbourhoods. People were walking their dogs, children playing in their yards, and some people were shovelling their driveways.

Jack Frost continued to hum and whistle tunes while Diesel listened . . . and enjoyed the attention of people that saw them. Jack wasn’t sure if people were waving and staring at him or Diesel (or even both of them), but no matter which, Diesel loved the looks of wonder and smiles they received.

When they arrived at Memorial Park, children were running (or rather jumping through the snow) with laugher. The Park contained swing sets, a yellow slide, and a monument honouring fallen soldiers. But the most eye-catching object in the park was the giant elephant monkey bars.

“Well, that looks like fun!” Jack said with enthusiasm. He swung off Diesel and gave the pony a good scratch behind the ears. At this point, the children noticed the pair and came over to examine the small little elf and his pony companion.

The children had all sorts of questions; it wasn’t every day that they had the chance of meeting an elf or pony at that! Jack and Diesel stood patiently by, Jack answered questions like who they were and told of his adventures so far; and Diesel received lots of good pats.

The children listen to Jack Frost’s story, awe and amazement in their eyes until it was time for the children to go home. But before they went home, they had a surprise.

“Here you go, Jack,” said one child. “We found these, and they must be yours!” In the child’s hand was Jack’s favourite pair of gloves! They were blue and made of leather with a fuzzy inside.

“They are mine. Thank you!” Jack said as he placed the gloves on his hands.

The children said their goodbyes to Jack and Diesel and quickly ran home. Jack – not knowing what to do now – walked over to the elephant structure. Jack climbed up the trunk of the elephant and carefully played it. He was having a jolly good time, as Diesel watched with amusement from the sideline (although Diesel was busy exploring the Park to see if he could find any grass beneath the snow).

Something up in the sky caught Jack’s attention. It was a bird of some sort soaring through the air. It was big and dark, but Jack could see it had a white head when the bird started getting closer. It was an Eagle!

“Hello!” Jack called out to the sky.

The Eagle settled himself on a branch of a tree. “Hello. Are you Jack Frost?” Eagle questioned, his head cocking to one side. “You must be Jack Frost.”

“Yes, am I,” Jack clarified. “Can I help you?”

“No, but I can help you. I hear that you have lost some things in the area. I was flying around, and I overheard Trout say he found a blue scarf.”

“That is good news! Where?”

“Trout saw it by his home. Where the Humans go with their strange sticks and put the strings into the water to play with Trout and his friends. Did you know that they even make holes on the ice to play their game?”

“I think I know where I have to go. Thank you, Eagle, for your help.”

Jack Frost Scarf

Clue 6 of the Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt 2021

Jack Frost and Diesel started their walk to the Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Ponds, and once again, they were trotting through Lac du Bonnet. They passed through the neighbourhoods again, went passed the Dentist Office, Ingham Pharmacy, and the two banks. They saw the old wild rice factory, the little red cottage museum and eventually passed Drifter’s.

When they arrived at the Ponds, they saw people set up on the frozen water with fishing rods in hand. There were holes cut out of the ice and fishing lines diving deep to the Pond’s bottom. There were other people too, but they were walking towards the interpretive trail.

Jack hopped off the pony and made his way to the ice, Diesel close behind him. Together, they carefully stepped onto the snow-covered sheet of ice. Jack didn’t quite know where to go but figured the huge open hole would be a good start. A bright orange fence had been placed around the hole, so Jack couldn’t get too close, but he thought it would be a good spot to find Trout.

“Hello?” Jack said, feeling slightly foolish. He must look insane, though he supposed he had all day anyways. “Eagle sent me. He said you found something of mine.”

The water began to ripple, then something jumped up high into the air, then plopped back into the water. Jack and Diesel stared in wonder and waited patiently to see what would happen.

Whatever had jumped up into the sky slowly pointed its head out from the water. It was a fish! A trout, to be exact. Trout only stuck enough of his head out that you could see his mouth and eyes. His scales were a mix of greens and dark spots.

“Hello. Why has Eagle sent you?”

“Eagle said you found a scarf – a blue one, to be precise. I think it may be mine.”

“I did see a blue scarf,” Trout said with some thought. “I saw it earlier today when it was still very windy out. It was flapping around in the tall grass over there.” Trout explained as he gestured his fin towards the grass and bullrushes. “It may still be caught in there.”

“Thank you! I will go take a look.”

Before Jack could go inspect the tall, dry grass, Trout said, “Wait.”

Jack stopped in his tracks, waiting for Trout to continue. “My friend Rabbit was here earlier, and she said she found a timepiece loose on the ground. Perhaps that is yours as well?”

“Oh yes! Perhaps it is. I am missing mine. Where did Rabbit see it?”

“She said she found it when she was having a stroll. She was by the red building that has a large train beside it. Rabbit said, in the summertime, when she peeps through the windows, she can watch the humans walk around and stare at strange items.”

“I know exactly where to go. Thank you for your help.”

Before Jack left the Ponds, he searched in the dead grass for his nice warm scarf. After a little walking, he found it untouched, buried slightly from the snowfall but otherwise intact. He shook off the snow, tied the material around his neck, and then set off to find his timepiece.

Jack Frost Time Piece

Clue 7 of the Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt 2021

Jack Frost and Diesel walked along the road and made their way to the Museum. Jack, while finally completely protected from the winter elements, was very excited to find his timepiece. It was his favourite possession.

As they walked, there was a horrible growling sound. It was deep and loud and gave Diesel quite a fright! However, all Jack Frost was doing was laughing. Diesel was very confused by this; he didn’t understand how anyone could laugh after hearing such a noise.

“Have no fear, Diesel, my friend,” Jack began. “It was only my tummy grumbling for food! Perhaps we should stop and have something to eat.”

They waited for Jack’s meal outside of Drifter’s, and the brief rest they were having was well deserved. They didn’t wait long for food, but while they were waiting, the owner, Frank, gave Diesel a few apples, which were his favourite treat of all. They ate quickly and set off for the Museum once again. When they arrived, a family was playing on the grounds. The parents were pulling along a small child (who had a wide smile on her face) on a sled.

The area was very big, and Jack started to worry that they wouldn’t find his timepiece. He wasn’t even sure where to begin. They walked by the log cabin and headed towards the large train nestle by the trees. They look around it and underneath it – nothing was there. They walked on to the porch attached to the Museum – and again found nothing but snow. They even asked the family if they saw it earlier – they hadn’t seen anything like Jack’s timepiece.

Jack and Diesel were about to give up when a small, light grey blur skittered beside them. Beside them was a grey rabbit.

“Hello,” Jack greeted with a friendly smile.

Rabbit stood on her hind legs, her little pink nose twitching fast. Her long grey ears with black tips were twisting as she listened carefully. “Hello. Who are you?”

“I’m Jack Frost. And this is my friend Diesel.”

“Ohhhh. You’re Jack Frost! Everybody has been talking about you.”

“So, I’ve heard. We just came from the Trout Ponds and spoke with Trout. He said that earlier today, you found a timepiece?”

“Yes, I did,” Rabbit said. “It was silver with light blue on it.”

“That sounds like mine! Do you remember where you saw it?”

“Yes. Follow me.” Rabbit said, starting to hop along in the snow.

They passed the red barn, making their way through the heavy snow. Jack wasn’t sure how his timepiece made it so far away, but they stopped by a little cluster of trees.

“Here it is!” Rabbit exclaimed, pulling up Jack’s silver and blue timepiece.

“Oh, thank you!” Jack said, taking the object from Rabbit.

“You’re welcome. Before you go, I think I may know where something else of yours is.”

“Really? Where? And What?”

“Owl said he saw a paintbrush. Maybe it belongs to you. He found it where in the summer months, the Humans pick blueberries. Owl said it was right by that big, strange wood structure the Humans climb on so they can be as tall as the trees.”

“I think I know where to go.”

Jack Frost's Paint Brush

Clue 8 of the Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt 2021

Jack and Diesel trotted down the gravel road that would take them to Blueberry Rock. It was a nice stroll that they both enjoyed. The relaxing country air washed over them as they took in the scenic sights.

They walked into the parking lot that would lead to the mouth of the trail. Jack stopped quickly at the large sign that had the map of Blueberry Rock. The trail seemed like it would be an easy one but would still offer lots of exciting things to see.

The pair began their hike, though they kept stopping to take in the magnificent boreal forest and Canadian Shield outcroppings. They ran into friendly hikers along the way – and even a few dogs. They stopped briefly at the rest area. They sat around the warm burning fire, and Jack wished he had brought some marshmallows.

Soon they found themselves walking up into another clearing. Up ahead was the Lookout Tower where Rabbit said Owl had found a paintbrush. Jack walked up the steps that would take him to the top. The view was incredible. He looked over the treetops to see a mix of blue sky, trees, and the solid white ice-covered river.

As Jack admired the landscape before him, he heard a soft fluttering sound followed by a scratching sound. Like nails scraping against wood. Jack turned and saw a Great Grey Owl. Owl’s feathers were a mixture of whites, blacks, and multiple shades of grey. His yellow eyes stared at Jack as he slanted his head to the side – as if he were trying to figure out who Jack was.

“Hello,” Jack started. “My name is Jack Frost.”

“Ah. Yes, yes. I suspected,” Owl said. “I hear you have had an interesting adventure in Lac du Bonnet.”

“Yes, I have. But it has been fun,” Jack replied with a smile. “And I hear that you may have found my paintbrush.”

“Indeed, I have. If you just wait here for a few moments, I can go get it for you.”

“That would be wonderful.”

It didn’t take long for Owl to return. In his yellow beak was Jack’s paintbrush.

“Oh, thank you! Now, if I can find my pail, I can start painting frost again!”

“Yes. And I know where you can find it.”


“Wolf found a pail and knew it must belong to you. He’s waiting for you at a place the Humans call “Blue Water.” Which I think is pretty strange because it’s not a river at all. The Humans even walk on the solid ground, sometimes with big floppy things on their feet.”

“I know where I have to go. Thank you, Owl.”

Jack Frost Pail

Clue 9 of the Jack Frost Scavenger Hunt 2021

Jack Frost and Diesel, the Pony, continued on their journey. They made it to the highway, went over the Skinny Bridge, turned onto Riverland Road, and finally Tower Road. Jack could hardly contain his excitement when the pair arrived at Blue Water South Trail. Jack couldn’t wait to find his pail to start his work again.

There were people in the parking getting ready for their adventures. People were heading down the hiking and snowshoeing trail while other people were gearing up to hit the cross-country ski trail across the road.

Jack and Diesel went down the hiking trail while enjoying the atmosphere and views. The landscape went from level ground to light hills and back again. They followed the twists and turns of the trail, stopping here and there to admire the area.

They had been walking for a while when they heard a rustling in the trees, not too far from where they stood. Diesel took a step back, unease creeping through him, while Jack stood his ground, but he was also nervous of what may come out from the trees.

Slowly, a pair of golden-coloured eyes were staring at them. When the figure emerged, Jack recognized who it was. It was the grey wolf he had met at the beginning of his journey.

“Wolf! It’s you! We’ve been looking for you,” Jack said.

“And I have been waiting for you,” replied Wolf. “I see that you have found your items and are dressed much more suitably for the conditions.”

“Yes, it is nice to be warm finally,” Jack admitted. “But I have not found all of my belongings. Rabbit said that you found a pail. I believe that it is mine.”

“Yes, I did find a pail. I knew right away that it must be yours. I have it right here,” Wolf said knowingly. He turned around and disappeared into the trees again. When he returned, he was carrying Jack’s pail between his sharp fangs.

“Thank you, Wolf! Now I can start painting frost and get back to work,” Jack declared, but an idea came to mind. “But not quite yet.”

Wolf, obviously confused, said, “Not yet? Why? You have all your belongings and tools.”

“I have one more place to visit in Lac du Bonnet,” Jack explained and then whispered his destination in Wolf’s upturned ear.

“I know that place!” Wolf exclaimed. “Sometimes, after dark, the forest animals cross the little wooden bridge so we can swing on the swing set, climb and play on the play structure and howl at the moon. I heard a pride of Lions built the structure for the children of Lac du Bonnet. That was nice of them,” Wolf explained.”

“You know,” Jack started, “I heard that too, but it was a club of Lions, or so I was told.”

When Jack and Diesel arrived at Leslie Park, some people were already waiting for them. People were swinging, running in the snow, and having a great time. Jack and Diesel joined in on the fun. There were even some people who wanted pictures with Jack.

At the end of the day, Jack took Diesel home. After, Jack continued on with work. Wandering from place to place, covering windows with frost and changing the vibrant green leaves to stunning fall colours. Although Jack always made time for more adventures in Lac du Bonnet!

The End!

We hope you enjoyed your journey through Lac du Bonnet! 

Special Thank you to Skylor Mitchell, who wrote this story for us to enjoy!