Explore over 60 km of Waterways in Lac du Bonnet!

Lac du Bonnet is a boating and water sports hot spot with multiple boat launches and plenty of waterways to discover!

Adventure the 60 kilometres worth of rivers and lakes in Lac du Bonnet and discover a whole second world of Lac du Bonnet! Try your hand at finding the perfect fishing destination along any of our rivers, riding the waves while tubing, water skiing, jet skiing, or any of your favourite water sports along any of our rivers! We even welcome wake boats for wakeboarding and wake surfing along our bigger waterways, the Winnipeg River and Lake Lac du Bonnet. We ask that you reframe from these activities on the Pinawa Channel and narrow sections of the Lee River so that everyone can enjoy our abundance of waterways.

Set off for your day on the water at one of our six boat launches!

Your Lac du Bonnet Boating and Water Sports Experience will Include:

  • Access to the Winnipeg River, Lee River, Pinawa Channel, and Lake Lac du Bonnet
  • Beautiful scenery, no matter which body of water you choose
  • Spectacular view of the decommissioned Pinawa Dam at the end of the Pinawa Channel
  • Fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Goldeye, Perch, Bass, Sturgeon, Channel Cat, Crappie and more
  • Calm waters to enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and pedal boating along the shores of the Lee River and Pinawa Channel
  • Large open waters to enjoy tubing, jet skiing, wakeboarding and wake surfing along the Winnipeg River and Lake Lac du Bonnet

Safe Boating Tips for Your MyLdB Adventures!

Do you love boating and watersports in Lac du Bonnet? We know we sure do! There’s nothing like spending a day out on the water fishing, swimming, paddling, surfing, tubing, skiing, or just cruising along the banks taking in the beautiful scenery nature has created for us! We want everyone to enjoy a safe and fun summer out on the waterways of Lac du Bonnet; that is why we have created the Safe Boating Ambassador Program. Check out these quick articles, packed with information to help keep everyone safe and happy on the waters of Lac du Bonnet this summer!

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About Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

Lac du Bonnet is where the Manitoba Prairies give way to the vast boreal forest and the Canadian Shield, where miles of natural trails allow you to hear nature’s sounds and relax within her bounty. In Lac du Bonnet, miles of prime waterways stretch out before you, calling you toward your next adventure, and a rich history remains to be discovered among the ruins. Culture and arts flourish along the streets where neighbours gather for events and festivals, inviting you to discover the true passion behind our community.

Lac du Bonnet is more than a place on the map; it is the place that connects with your heart. The place where you will create a lifetime of memories and unleash the adventure to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

This year we invite you to explore Lac du Bonnet and discover that your heart is home here!

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Disclaimer: The information provided in our articles about waterway safety in Lac du Bonnet is for general informational purposes only. While we strive for accuracy, it may not be up-to-date or applicable to every situation. Consult official sources and local authorities for the most current and accurate information. Our articles do not substitute professional advice, and readers should exercise their own judgment and consider their specific circumstances. We are not liable for any loss or injury resulting from the use of the information provided. Follow applicable laws, regulations, and safety guidelines and seek professional advice when needed. Waterway activities carry inherent risks, and individuals are responsible for their own safety. The content may change without notice. Consult local authorities for specific concerns or questions regarding waterway safety in Manitoba.

Protect Manitoba's Waters

AIS, or Aquatic Invasive Species, pose a significant threat to our water bodies, affecting both the environment and recreational activities. It is crucial that we all play our part in preventing their spread.

Whether you’re a casual boater or a commercial operator, the legislation applies to everyone who enjoys the province’s waterways. These regulations focus on the movement of AIS through various means such as watercraft, aircraft, vehicles, equipment, and bait use. Prior to entering or leaving a water body, individuals and operators are required to take specific measures to ensure AIS does not transfer from one location to another.

To learn more about these important regulations, including cleaning requirements and legislation, please visit the Legislation, Regulations, and Set Fines section on the Government of Manitoba website. Additionally, you can find valuable information about AIS in the Manitoba Angler’s Guide, helping us all stay informed and safeguard our beloved water resources. Read more here