Find over 165 Geocaches hidden in Lac du Bonnet!

Geocaching is becoming a more popular worldwide activity where participants navigate specified GPS coordinates and attempt to find the hidden geocache hidden at the location.

Lac du Bonnet is no stranger to this outdoor treasure hunting game, which is fun for people of all ages. There are over 165 caches hidden all over Lac du Bonnet, the biggest being the Power Trail Cache, dedicated to the Winnipeg River. Geocaching is a great way to explore Lac du Bonnet’s pristine wilderness with caches located in Town and throughout the Rural Municipality on the trails and at significant historical sites.

Discover Lac du Bonnet’s Geocache with maps provided by Geocaching – the World’s Largest Treasure Hunt.

Your Lac du Bonnet Geocaching Experience will Include:

  • Scenic driving and walking tours of Lac du Bonnet, the shores of the Winnipeg River and the trails through the boreal forest
  • The thrill and excitement of the hunt for hidden treasures
  • Over 165 Geocaches are hidden within the borders of Lac du Bonnet
  • Lush boreal forests, pristine prairie landscapes, Canadian Shield outcroppings
  • Captivating waterfront views along the banks of the Winnipeg River, Lee River and Pinawa Channel
  • Abundant wildlife including bald eagles, great horned owls,  black bears, deer, and many more
  • Fantastic wildflowers, foliage, deciduous and coniferous trees

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About Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

Lac du Bonnet is where the Manitoba Prairies give way to the vast boreal forest and the Canadian Shield, where miles of natural trails allow you to hear nature’s sounds and relax within her bounty. In Lac du Bonnet, miles of prime waterways stretch out before you, calling you toward your next adventure, and a rich history remains to be discovered among the ruins. Culture and arts flourish along the streets where neighbours gather for events and festivals, inviting you to discover the true passion behind our community.

Lac du Bonnet is more than a place on the map; it is the place that connects with your heart. The place where you will create a lifetime of memories and unleash the adventure to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

This year we invite you to explore Lac du Bonnet and discover that your heart is home here!

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