Stop in and Meet the Farmers of the Pit Stop Produce Market!

New to Lac du Bonnet this year is the Pit Stop Produce Market! Throughout the Summer, you can visit this hot new market every Friday. Located 10 minutes from the Town of Lac du Bonnet, you can take in the fresh country air while eating treats, browsing through handmade home decor items, and picking up your batch of fresh veggies and produce.

The driving force behind the market is a band of hardworking family and friends who are excited to start this new adventure together. Find out who they are below, and don’t be shy! They can’t wait to meet you this year at the Pit Stop Produce Market!

Does your home or cabin need some flare? Are you looking for that new item to add that ‘wow’ factor? Well, look no further. During market days, head over to Ashley Sytnick’s booth and discover a world of wood home decor. Ashley is a self-taught woodworker and has been designing home decor, furniture (live edge), benches, charcuterie boards, plant stands, and much more for the past five years. Ashley also offers preorders.

If you are looking for fresh veggies and unique canned goods, then Barryland Gardens will not disappoint! Originally from Southern Ontario, Gene and Denise Goletz ran multiple fruits and vegetable roadside stands. Eventually, they were inspired to explore this endeavour in Manitoba and soon, Barryland Gardens was born when they expanded their garden three years ago. Today, Gene and Denise, with the help of their two daughters Autumn and Sasha, grow numerous amounts of vegetables and a few acres of super sweet corn. Their canned goods, Corn Cob Jelly and Corn Pickles, are out of this world! Barryland Gardens also offers preorders.

The market also features Mitchell’s Apiaries Honey with locally sourced Canola Honey, Alfalfa/Trefoil Honey, and Sunflower Honey. They will also be selling Top Soil so you can be sure your plant life stays happier and healthier during the growing season. The Top Soil is great for landscaping, planting grass, adding nutrients to your garden, filling flower beds and pots, planting shrubs, and filling in low spots on your lawn.

Pit Stop Produce, whose land is used for the market, provides various fresh produce, farm eggs, and canned goods like Pickled Ceasar Beans, Pickles, Salsa, Beets, and much more! Last year, they expanded their garden and couldn’t be more excited to meet new people and begin this thrilling journey. This family business is run by Adam and Shandal Gorrie and their young daughters Jayla, Finley, and Hailey. This family affair is all about doing what they love on 67 acreages, and their saying “Find your reason and dive deep” couldn’t be more be inspiring or perfect! Pit Stop Produce also offers preorders.

The market will be located on Pit Road, next to the Agassiz Provincial Forest entrance on Highway 317, and open to the public on Fridays throughout the summer months.

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