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PWC Safety Tips

Be safe this summer with these PWC Safety Tips!

The Pinawa Channel and Lee River are very popular for Personal Watercraft users. Safe use of a personal watercraft (PWC) requires skill and experience. PWC operators must be at least 16 years old and have proof of competency and proof of age on board. Before you let someone borrow your PWC, you must make sure they know how to operate it safely and responsibly. Here are some other basic tips:

  1. Always wear a Canadian-approved lifejacket or PFD (inflatable PFDs are not allowed). Choose a bright colour for better visibility.
  2. Wear thermal protection when operating in cold water (water less than 15°C).
  3. Read the owner’s manual before setting out.
  4. Attach the engine shut-off line securely to your wrist or lifejacket, or PFD.
  5. Respect speed limits and other vessel operation restrictions.
  6. PWC can be used for towing activities, but the towing vessel must be equipped with an extra seat for each person that is being towed in case an emergency recovery is necessary
  7. Be cautious, courteous and respect your neighbours. Many people dislike the noise a PWC makes when it is operated for long periods at high speed in one place, especially when it is used to jump waves or do doughnuts in front of people’s property.
  8. Never try to spray swimmers, or cut in front of or try to jump the wake of other vessels. Some of the worst boating incidents happen when operators misjudge speed or distance.
  9. Be aware of the impact your PWC can have on the environment. Avoid high speeds near shore.
  10. Stay alert! It is hard to see swimmers, water skiers, divers, and other PWCs in time to avoid them at high speeds.
  11. Do not operate your PWC after dark or when visibility is poor.
  12. Make sure your PWC is properly licensed and marked.

About the Safe Boating Ambassador Program

The Safe Boating Ambassador program is a community-driven initiative designed to increase boating safety and etiquette awareness in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba specific to the Lee River and Pinawa Channel. Working together, we will contribute to the education of safe waterway use by promoting:

1. Waterway safety, as governed by Transport Canada, and
2. General good boating etiquette for specific activities, focusing on those that occur on our waterways.

The Safe Boating Ambassadors are members of the boating community, avid paddlers, stand-up paddleboarders, wake surfers, water skiers, and boaters. The members will act as Waterway Safety Leaders for the community of Lac du Bonnet, sharing and encouraging all waterway users to safely partake in all waterway activities.

This season, let’s all remember that waterway safety is in our hands. Let’s all do our part.

Volunteer to be a Safe Boating Ambassador

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This season, let's all remember that waterway safety is in our hands. Let's all do our part, share this information with your friends!