Enjoy this Cute Cafe on your Next Visit to Lac du Bonnet!

The next time you’re in Lac du Bonnet, stop in and enjoy a refreshing specialty coffee, tea, or icy beverage at The Lady Bug Cafe. You can pull up a chair inside the cozy cafe, and enjoy the scents of homemade goodies wafting through the air. The Lady Bug Cafe also has the perfect backyard patio where you can sit in the sun and enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or coffee.

The Lady Bug Cafe serves up a selection of cafe-style breakfast and lunch items as well as tasty treats and Champman’s Ice Cream.

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About Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

As life becomes more complicated and time with family and friends becomes scarce, it’s time to regroup and focus on creating quality experiences. It’s time to enjoy a better qualify of life; time to create a world of memories with the people who mean the most to you, right here at home. We have a world of world-class experiences right here in Manitoba. Let’s show our province some love and rediscover that home is where the heart is.

This year, we invite you to visit Lac du Bonnet. To behold the place where the Manitoba Prairies give way to the vast boreal forest and the Canadian Shield. To explore the pristine trails, miles of prime waterways and the rich history that helped shape our province. To unleash the adventures and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

This year, we invite you to discover that your heart is home in Lac du Bonnet.

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