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LdB Safe Boating Ambassadors


Volunteer to be a Safe Boating Ambassador LdB Safe Boating Ambassadors: Who We Are The LDB Safe Boating Ambassadors program is a community-driven initiative designed to increase boating safety and etiquette awareness in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba specific to the Lee River and Pinawa Channel. Working together, we will contribute to the education of safe waterway use by promoting: 1. Waterway safety, as governed by Transport Canada, and 2. General good boating etiquette for specific activities, focusing on those that occur on our waterways. The LdB Safe Boating Ambassadors Team The Safe Boating Ambassadors are members of the boating community, avid paddlers, stand-up paddleboarders, wake surfers, water skiers, and boaters. The members will act as Waterway Safety Leaders for the community of [...]

Safe Boating Tips, Rules, and Regs


Waterway Safety is in Your Hands! We are all excited to be out on the water again to enjoy epic summer adventures while fishing, jet skiing, swimming, surfing, paddling, and so much more. Let's make this year the best one yet by working together as a community to assure the safety and enjoyment of the waterways for all users and recreational activities. This season, let's all remember that waterway safety is in our hands. Let's all do our part: 1. Boat sober 2. Wear a lifejacket 3. Take a boating course 4. Keep your wakes low around other vessels and swimmers 5. Enjoy your watersport activities 50 to 100 meters from the shoreline 6. Slow down in high traffic areas 7. Have fun and be safe by ensuring [...]

PWC Safety Tips


Be safe this summer with these PWC Safety Tips! The Pinawa Channel and Lee River are very popular for Personal Watercraft users. Safe use of a personal watercraft (PWC) requires skill and experience. PWC operators must be at least 16 years old and have proof of competency and proof of age on board. Before you let someone borrow your PWC, you must make sure they know how to operate it safely and responsibly. Here are some other basic tips: Always wear a Canadian-approved lifejacket or PFD (inflatable PFDs are not allowed). Choose a bright colour for better visibility. Wear thermal protection when operating in cold water (water less than 15°C). Read the owner's manual before setting out. Attach the engine shut-off line securely to your wrist or lifejacket, [...]

Towing Rules for Safety


Learn the Towing Rules for Safety so you can enjoy your summer out on the water in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba! As watersport activities become more popular and diverse, it is important to know the Towing Rules and Regulations so that you and your towing companions can be safe on the water this summer. One of the most important safety rules that we often see neglected along the waterways is not having a spotter to watch the people being towed. Towing a water skier, wakeboarder, kneeboarder, or other towable device requires the use of a spotter. A spotter is a person who observes the person being towed at all times. The spotter notifies the driver if there is a need for a change in speed or direction as [...]

Challenging Waterway Locations


Get to know these challenging waterway locations in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba! Being a good boater is being aware of your surroundings and knowing the waterways you are using. Nautical maps are useful for discovering this information, but they may not include everything you need to know. Here are a few areas along the Lee River and Pinawa Channel that you should be aware of and the challenges you may face. 1. The Rock Pile (50° 18' 41" N – 95° 51' 29" W) – This is a narrow passage on the Lee River that has seen 298+ boats an hour pass through the narrow waterway. As the name would suggest, rock piles surround the passage and make the water shallow, leaving enough room for one boat to [...]

Sharing the Waterways Respectfully


There is no denying the fact that Lac du Bonnet waterways get busier every year. Last year, a VORR Committee was developed by the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet to conduct an analysis of waterway use along the Pinawa Channel and Lee River, which led to some helpful information that can help waterway users share the waterways respectfully with all recreational users. Transportation Canada regulates our waterways. They are navigable waterways, which means that equitable access for all users and activities is required by Federal law. This summer, let's focus on sharing our waterways to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all recreational users. For your best Lac du Bonnet waterway experience, we suggest: 1. Be mindful of the distance between your vessel and the others [...]

Paddling Safety in Lac du Bonnet


Paddling Safety in Lac du Bonnet Are you looking forward to getting out on the river or channel this summer with your paddle craft? We sure are! Whether you are new to paddling activities or have been doing it for years, is a great online resource that provides you with information on what you need to know to go canoeing, kayaking, or stand-up paddleboarding safely. Learn the basics to safely enjoying paddling activities and be better prepared for life on the water this summer. The Lee River and Pinawa Channel are beautiful waterways to paddle. For your best paddling experience, we suggest you: 1.Head out early before motorized vessel users take to the waters. 2. Paddle near the shoreline and stay away from heavy traffic areas. 3. [...]

Boat Launch Etiquette


Boat Launch Etiquette Tips for Lac du Bonnet Launches! Lac du Bonnet has over 60 kilometres of rivers and lakes to explore and six public boat launches to get you out onto the water! Popular boat launches can be a busy place, so etiquette, common sense, and courtesy are all that stand between good order and complete havoc. Here are five tips for good boat launch etiquette: 1. Always complete all prep work first in the staging area—out of the way of the ramp where other boaters are launching. 2. Launch quickly and efficiently; have others in your crew assist you to make the process easier. If you see someone having difficulty launching their boat, lend a hand instead of getting upset or frustrated with people encountering problems. [...]

Wake Boats Welcome


Wake boats welcome in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba! Lac du Bonnet is an amazing place for wake surfing and wakeboarding on Lake Lac du Bonnet and the Winnipeg River. These larger bodies of water offer up plenty of space to crank up those waves and catch some air for the jaw-dropping moves that make these sports so thrilling. For your best wake surfing experience in #LacDuBonnet, we suggest you: 1. Avoid the Pinawa Channel and Lee River up to the 'Rock Pile.' The waterways here are just too narrow to surf safely and have fun. 2. Enjoy the open waters of Lake Lac du Bonnet or the Winnipeg River System. You'll find miles of unhindered waterways to have some real fun while surfing or boarding. 3. Remain 100 [...]