Discover Your My LdB Birding Adventure Today!

Bird Watching is a great way to get moving, create new experiences, and keep the mind strong! There’s something very soothing about being out in nature, not only seeing magnificent birds in their natural habitat but also all the wildlife that Lac du Bonnet has to offer. Lac du Bonnet is located on the Northern section of Manitoba’s Pine to Prairie International Birding Trail with such fantastic locations to spot numerous species of birds; you won’t know where to start!

Places to Explore

The Pinawa Dam Provincial Park trails are a great way to spot a variety of different species of birds, including the Spring Owl. With 62 acres of pristine nature, you’re sure to make amazing discoveries! You will find great birding opportunities along the Winnipeg River and Highway 11 North. And if you are searching for Waterfowl, then the Lac du Bonnet Dock and Riverside Park is where you’ll want to be!

Lac du Bonnet offers not just a birding experience, but a nature experience. Drive through the scenic routes to discover many unique viewing opportunities like wildlife, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, cooling rivers and lakes, and much, much more!

Lac du Bonnet also has several restaurants that will fill your belly with delicious food after your hard, adventurist day of nature!

Birds to look for in Lac du Bonnet:

  • Great Gray Owl,
  • Northern Hawk Owl,
  • Great Horned Owl,
  • Barred Owl,
  • Northern Saw-whet Owl,
  • Bald Eagle,
  • Wilson’s Snipe,
  • American Woodcock,
  • Sedge Wren,
  • Veery,
  • Blackburnian Warbler,
  • Le Conte’s Sparrow,
  • Harris’s Sparrow (in-migration),
  • Scarlet Tanager,
  • Bobolink,
  • American Three-toed Woodpecker,
  • Black-backed Woodpecker,
  • Snow Bunting (in winter),
  • Pine Warbler,
  • Canada Warbler,
  • White-winged Crossbill and Red Crossbill

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