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Foraging for wild edibles is growing in popularity around the province. There’s nothing more satisfying than foraging for wild berries, mushrooms and roots.

Lac du Bonnet’s wildness is ripe with wild edibles; you just need to know what you’re looking for! Blueberry Rock Trail is famous for its wild blueberry season, and our vast boreal forest has mushrooms, wild berries, roots and plants.

Foraging for wild edibles is a great pastime that connects you with nature and gets you outdoors to experience the incredible wilderness that surrounds us.

Your Experience will Include:

  • Immersive experience as you discover wild edibles
  • Harvesting unusual foods to add to your daily menu
  • Connection with the ecosystem around you
  • Breathtaking views
  • Lush boreal forests, pristine prairie landscapes, Canadian Shield outcroppings
  • Captivating waterfront views along the banks of the Winnipeg River, Lee River and Pinawa Channel
  • Abundant wildlife including Beavers, Black Bears, Coyotes, Red Fox, River Otters, Snapping Turtles, White-tailed Deer

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