Discover Your My LdB Wildlife Adventure Today!

What can be more relaxing than watching wildlife in its natural habitat? We have plenty of wildlife and trails that wind through some of the best wildlife watching locations in Manitoba. Keep your eyes open because whether you’re exploring our trails, boating on the river, or even driving down the scenic route, you can spot a furry friend. With land as diverse as ours, transitioning from farmland to boreal forest, riverbanks to lake shores and even granite outcroppings, this is the perfect place to view wildlife live in their natural habitat!

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Your Experience will Include:

  • Breathtaking views
  • Lush borreal forests, pristine prairie landscapes, Canadian Shield outcropings
  • Captivating waterfront views along the banks of the Winnipeg River, Lee River and Pinawa Channel
  • Abundant wildlife including Beavers, Black Bears, Coyotes, Red Fox, River Otters, Snapping Turtles, White-tailed Deer
  • Fantistic wild flowers, foliage, deciduous and coniferous trees

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