Fishing at Jackson's Lodge in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

Enjoy the Ultimate Fishing Experience with Jackson’s Lodge and Outposts

Fly-in fishing trips to the rivers and lakes in Eastern Manitoba is revered as a bucket list adventure by professional and amateur anglers alike, and who could blame them?

With the untamed wilderness surrounding you as you reel in trophy walleye, bass, northern pike, and more along the secluded lakes and rivers reachable only by plane, your every expectation of the grand fishing adventure will be exceeded beyond your wildest dreams. And that is no lie.

Jackson’s Lodge and Outposts is ready to take you on the adventure of a lifetime, be it for a single day, multi-day, or week-long adventure. Start your trip with an incredible plane ride taking in a bird’s eye view over miles of pristine waterways and untouched boreal shores, which is a bucket list adventure in itself.

Then the real adventure begins as you hit the open waters and start reeling in Walleye and Northers, and not just a couple here and there – we’re talking about 100 catch days and plenty of documented trophy stories.

Can you feel it yet? Your heart beating with the excitement of your next catch, the weight of that trophy fighting its way to the surface? Jackson’s Lodge is ready to take you there whether it’s for a day trip or a longer fishing adventure.

Day Trips

Group Size: 6
Time: Depart from Float Base at 9:00 AM Return to Float Base at 4:00 PM
Destinations: Choose a 20-minute flight out to Echo, Saddle, or Side Saddle Lake
Gear to bring for the Day: Fishing rods, tackle, bait, bug spray, sunscreen, camera, lunch, water
Price: Starting at $300.00 per person based on six fishermen

Multi-day Trips

Group Size: 4 to 8 depending on the location package you choose
Time: Call to book your Fly-in Fishing Experience 1-800-463-4744
Destinations: Choose from over 20 destinations
Accommodations: Cabins range from fully modern to pleasantly rustic and are fully equipped for your stay.
Gear to Bring: A suggested packing list and grocery planner are available
Price: Starting at $760 per person for a three-day experience

About Jackson’s Lodge & Outposts

Jackson’s Lodge and Outposts is a family-operated business that has been providing guests with the finest fly-in fishing and hunting trips in Manitoba for nearly three decades.

Based in Lac du Bonnet, Jackson’s Lodge is easy to get to. Operating our own air service Adventure Air and our own fleet of highly maintained aircraft we are able to provide reliable transportation to our facilities located within the boreal forest of northeastern Manitoba’s provincial Parks: Atikaki, Nopiming and Whiteshell. The beauty of this unspoiled wilderness will amaze you.

Recommended Fishing Gear to Bring

Fishing Gear: Walleye

  • Ultra-light or light rod & spinning reel
  • New 4 to 8 lb. test line
  • 14 Nylon leaders, 6” to 9”
  • 15 Jigheads in assorted colours, 1/4 to 1/2 ounce
  • 25 Rubber tails in assorted colours, 3” to 5”
  • 10 Sinkers, 1/4 to 1/2 ounce
  • 10 Little Joe or Lindy Rig Spinners in assorted colours
  • 10 Crank Baits, 3” to 8” (Rattle Trap, Cisco)

Fishing Gear: Northern Pike

  • Medium to medium-heavy rod & baitcasting reel
  • New 14 to 20 lb. test line
  • 15 Steel Leaders of at least 25 lb. test, 9” to 12”
  • 6 Weedless spoons, 4” to 6” (Johnson Silver Minnow, Dare Devil, Five of Diamonds)
  • 3 Buzz Baits (double blade with clacker)
  • 3 Spinner Baits in assorted colours
  • 4 Bucktails with single treble hook, 6”
  • 4 Jerk Baits, 6” to 9” (Suick, Provoker, Poes, Arbogast)

Your Heart is Home in Lac du Bonnet

As life becomes more complicated and time with family and friends becomes scarce, it’s time to regroup and focus on creating quality experiences.

This summer is the time to enjoy a better quality of life. It’s time to create a world of memories with the people who mean the most to you, right here at home.

We have a world of world-class experiences right here in Manitoba. Let’s show our province some love and rediscover that home is where the heart is.

This summer, we invite you to visit Lac du Bonnet. To visit the place where the Manitoba Prairies give way to the vast boreal forest and the Canadian Shield. To explore the pristine trails, miles of prime waterways, and the rich history that helped shape our province.

This summer, we invite you to discover that your heart is home in Lac du Bonnet.