Are you looking for an adventure? Well, look no further! The Lac du Bonnet Trails Association just added a snowshoe trail along the Blue Water South Trail; it is a whole lot of fun and simply breathtaking!

Tired of being cooped up in the house, my family and I decided to try a new experience. Snowshoeing! The four of us grabbed our snowshoes from Winnipeg River Recreation District, which offers free snowshoeing and cross-country skiing equipment rentals, and then we set off to Blue Water South Trail.

The Blue Water South Trail is a portion of the Trans Canada Trail that extends from the Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park to Great Falls. This section of the trail is approximately 37km and is managed by the Lac du Bonnet Trails Association’s wonderful volunteers.

There are three trails to choose from. Pinawa Dam to Old Pointe Road (12.8 km), Old Pointe Road to McKenzie Point Road (9.3 km), and McKenzie Point Road to Great Falls (17.7 km). Find all three maps here.

There are many activities people can enjoy on any of the Blue Water South Trails. Year-round fun like swimming, paddling, hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and even snowmobiling waits for you along the trails!

For our snowshoeing adventure, we used the trail on Map 1(snowshoe trail highlighted in red below), Pinawa Dam to Old Pointe Road. This trail is perfect for snowshoeing (and hiking too!) and is right across from the Lac du Bonnet Trail Association’s ski trail (highlighted in blue below) and goes through the Lee River Wildlife Management Area. Directions to the trail: Travel on Highway 313, go over the Skinny Bridge, turn onto Riverland Road (right), continue on Riverland Road to Tower Road (left turn). Continue on Tower Road, the entrance and parking lot for the trail will be on the left-hand side.

Even though the weather was slightly gloomy, the trail was gorgeous and an easy walk for beginners. With a mix of flat landscapes, gentle hills, and a peaceful atmosphere, our first experience with snowshoes was incredible! And it definitely tuckered out, Danny.

Exploring the Blue Water South Trail is a great way to connect with nature, create lasting memories, and have an incredible adventure!