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Volunteer to be a Safe Boating Ambassador


Are you passionate about boating? Do you want to ensure everyone enjoys our beautiful waterways in Lac du Bonnet with safety and respect? Then the LdB Safe Boating Ambassadors program is calling out to you! We are a dynamic, community-driven initiative dedicated to increasing boating safety and etiquette awareness, specifically on the Lee River and Pinawa Channel. Together, we can make a real impact and contribute to the education of safe waterway use.

Who Are We?

Our team of LdB Safe Boating Ambassadors consists of individuals who share a love for boating. Whether you’re an avid paddler, stand-up paddleboarder, wake surfer, water skier, or boater, you’ll find like-minded individuals among us. We believe that by acting as Waterway Safety Leaders, we can inspire and encourage all waterway users to participate safely in their favourite activities.

LdB Safe Boating Ambassadors: Goals for Safer Waterways

During our Community Engagement Process in 2020, we realized the importance of implementing non-regulatory measures to prioritize safety on the water. The LdB Safe Boating Ambassadors have set ambitious goals that span multiple years, starting in the summer of 2021 and extending into the foreseeable future. By volunteering with us, you’ll be contributing to the following:

Waterway Safety Campaign: We aim to create an engaging Waterway Safety Campaign using various touchpoints to educate and inform all user groups. From a dedicated website and social media channel to educational videos, newspaper ads, brochures, and more, we’ll ensure that boaters have access to essential information on safe boating practices and waterway etiquette.

Personal Engagement: We believe in making a direct impact. That’s why we’ll be present at the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet Boat Launches and Cottage Owner Cooperatives, engaging with the public one-on-one to promote safety protocols and ensure maximum visibility of our message.

Collaborative Efforts: We recognize that safety is a community effort. By partnering with Lac du Bonnet’s Emergency Management Program, Tourism Committee, and Community Development Corporation, we can extend the reach of our safety measures and education initiatives, making a bigger impact together.

User Group Collaboration: We’ll work closely with specific user groups to enhance their knowledge of safety protocols and best practices to follow. By advocating for safe waterway use and facilitating open discussions, we can create a culture of safety that benefits all waterway users.

Site-Specific Signage: High-risk areas demand special attention. That’s why we plan to install physical signage at crossing points and waterway attractions known to cause congestion. By raising awareness in these critical areas, we can prevent accidents and ensure smooth navigation.

User-Enforced Flagging System: We’re exploring the development of a user-enforced flagging system. This system would allow boaters to alert others about hazards such as submerged objects or ongoing towing activities. By fostering communication and collaboration among boaters, we can enhance safety on the water.

Join the LdB Safe Boating Ambassadors in Making Our Waterways Safer!

We invite you to be a part of the LdB Safe Boating Ambassadors. By volunteering your time, skills, and passion, you’ll play a crucial role in creating a safer boating community. Together, we can make our waterways a haven for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or new to the scene, your dedication and enthusiasm are invaluable!

Ready to take action? Reach out to us today and become a Safe Boating Ambassador. Let’s make Lac du Bonnet’s waterways safer and more enjoyable for all!

Disclaimer: The information provided in our articles about waterway safety in Lac du Bonnet is for general informational purposes only. While we strive for accuracy, it may not be up-to-date or applicable to every situation. Consult official sources and local authorities for the most current and accurate information. Our articles do not substitute professional advice, and readers should exercise their own judgment and consider their specific circumstances. We are not liable for any loss or injury resulting from the use of the information provided. Follow applicable laws, regulations, and safety guidelines and seek professional advice when needed. Waterway activities carry inherent risks, and individuals are responsible for their own safety. The content may change without notice. Consult local authorities for specific concerns or questions regarding waterway safety in Manitoba.

Protect Manitoba's Waters

AIS, or Aquatic Invasive Species, pose a significant threat to our water bodies, affecting both the environment and recreational activities. It is crucial that we all play our part in preventing their spread.

Whether you’re a casual boater or a commercial operator, the legislation applies to everyone who enjoys the province’s waterways. These regulations focus on the movement of AIS through various means such as watercraft, aircraft, vehicles, equipment, and bait use. Prior to entering or leaving a water body, individuals and operators are required to take specific measures to ensure AIS does not transfer from one location to another.

To learn more about these important regulations, including cleaning requirements and legislation, please visit the Legislation, Regulations, and Set Fines section on the Government of Manitoba website. Additionally, you can find valuable information about AIS in the Manitoba Angler’s Guide, helping us all stay informed and safeguard our beloved water resources. Read more here

About Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

Lac du Bonnet is where the Manitoba Prairies give way to the vast boreal forest and the Canadian Shield, where miles of natural trails allow you to hear nature’s sounds and relax within her bounty. In Lac du Bonnet, miles of prime waterways stretch out before you, calling you toward your next adventure, and a rich history remains to be discovered among the ruins. Culture and arts flourish along the streets where neighbours gather for events and festivals, inviting you to discover the true passion behind our community.

Lac du Bonnet is more than a place on the map; it is the place that connects with your heart. The place where you will create a lifetime of memories and unleash the adventure to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

This year we invite you to explore Lac du Bonnet and discover that your heart is home here!

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